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Xbox One: Confusing Consumer Catastrophe?


At this stage I am still confused as to who the Xbox One is targeted at. A brand as synonymous to gaming such as “Xbox” should surely be targeted at a gaming audience?… Continue reading

Social Media.


The human race is a social race, a race that craves interaction with others and a race with a desire for our voice to be heard. Throughout the course of history, humans have… Continue reading

Apple: Success for the CEO and the brand.


A brief news update of everyone’s favourite tech company. In recent reports, Apple CEO, Tim Cook has been reported as the highest earning CEO of 2011. The Apple executive earns more than US$… Continue reading



What Is CANT?¬† I first noticed the CANT campaign on the way to the airport where it was sprawled on a massive billboard. The board focused mainly on the word CANTwith nothing else… Continue reading



A new pepsi commercial. A new face for the company. A new slogan.

Pepsi’s newest advertising campaign is surprisingly good, although, it does largely remind me of Coke’s ‘Open Happiness” campaign. Nevertheless, it’s a brilliant commercial and a perfect selection of Nicki Minaj as the new face of Pepsi.

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