Xbox One: Confusing Consumer Catastrophe?

At this stage I am still confused as to who the Xbox One is targeted at.

A brand as synonymous to gaming such as “Xbox” should surely be targeted at a gaming audience?

But after the reveal of Microsofts ‘s new console, it seems they are targeting everyone.

It was pitched as an ‘all-in-one’ revolutionary product that would change the way we consume entertainment.

Yet, this contradicts the very brand Microsoft has created. Xbox.

When people think Xbox they think of games, not TV, not movies and not music.

But Microsoft is obviously aiming to change this. However, this is easier said then done.

At this point in time, it seems they are sitting on the fence as to whether the Xbox One is a gaming machine with extra multi-media capabilities or whether it’s a home entertainment system with added gaming functionality.

In order for the product to succeed, consumers need to have a clear understanding of what they are purchasing.

So tacking on an already established brand name to a product that is significantly different to its predecessors could be a potential problem.

Entertainment professionals around the world have expressed their concern for the device:

“It’s genuinely not clear to me at this point whom the Xbox One is aimed at.” IGN – Keza MacDonald

“Microsoft narrowcast the launch presentation of the Xbox One to a very targeted demographic group; the graying dad demographic.” CNET – Dan Ackerman

“After gamers across the country used Microsoft’s unclear revelations to collectively call their console “Xbone”, attention is now turning in two directions; PlayStation 4 and Wii U.” The Inquisitr – David Cornell

With such a mixed reaction on the product already, it is evident Microsoft has a lot to do in order to shift negative criticism away and ultimately provide consumers with a clear understanding of what the Xbox One is.

All sights are now set on the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, where Microsoft will have a second chance to promote the Xbox One to the world.