What Is CANT? 


Sorry for the blurry image, I took the photo in a rush on my way to uni.

I first noticed the CANT campaign on the way to the airport where it was sprawled on a massive billboard. The board focused mainly on the word CANTwith nothing else on the ad besides in small text in the corner. However, after forgetting about it the next day I couldn’t miss it. It was on every billboard and bus stop poster I came across so my curiosity got the better of me. It’s a very successful approach to marketing, drawing on suspense and secrecy and incorporating the use of online mediums including social media.

The website however contains no information as to what CANT means and instead consists of various messages from Can’t Smell to Can’t Hide.

After a search of the IP address I found TUCOWS Inc. was the registrant. They are responsible for providing businesses with internet solutions. According to mUmbrella* the campaign is supposedly for Heritage Bank who currently has the slogan, “We can do things that big banks can’t”. The evidence is there as well with new legislation being released in June that makes switching bank account much easier.

Has anyone else come across this ad or know anything about who is behind the campaign? The suspense is killing me.


Check out the link.