The week that was: in technology and entertainment.

In brief, it’s been a busy week in the entertainment industry with major conferences being held including the Electronic Entertainment Expo and Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

Looking for an unbiased, concise update on what was announced. Look no further. iTrending’s reveal round-up.

Apple announced the newest version of iOS. It will be release Sept-Nov.

  • Complete overhaul of the design in favour of a more simplistic, uniform look.
  • iTunes radio – allowing users to listen to radio on their iDevice
  • Airdrop – iOS users can now send files instantly between devices (similar to Dropbox)
  • Control Centre – gives users quick access to the apps they use the most and other important features.

The question is: Will it be enough innovation to satisfy avid technology users while maintaining Apple’s signature consumer friendly designs? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Sony exposed more of the PS4’s functionality and much to the surprise of a majority of the media it was completely different to Microsoft’s previous announcement.

  • The console shape and size was revealed and features a sleek design with slanting edges.
  • PS4 does not need to check online every 24 hours.
  • No restrictions on lending purchased games.
  • No restrictions on selling purchased games or used games.
  • No mandatory camera.
  • No charge for Netflix.

That sums up the most important announcements over the last week. If anyone has any opinions or comments, sound off below. Also have a browse through the image gallery for a visual representation of the new technology.