We are in a day where styles change monthly, where what’s “in” can be “out” in a flash and where we can find style guides on ‘what to wear’ by simply searching Google. Throughout the ages we’ve looked to the likes of royalty, musicians and movie stars to define our appearance. These days, all it takes is a simple click of the mouse to find thousands of styles at our disposal. It seems that the influence of the rich and famous is so powerful that a celebrity can be spotted wearing the most ridiculous item of clothing and within hours an image can be posted online swearing by it as ‘the winter essential for 2012’! Not only does the pressure to dress come from people in the spotlight of society, but also from those in our own environments.

Living on the Gold Coast, there is a relaxed ‘beach’ style, yet where I go to university an hour away in the city there is a predominant ‘indie’ culture. As a young person trying to find my place in the world I think it’s so easy to fall into the trap of defining my beauty by the trends that I follow and the way that I dress. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion; I enjoy shopping (probably a little too much!) and putting quirky outfits together, but it is so important to remember that beauty is so much more than the outward appearance. The most beautiful people that I know are those who have a positive attitude. They are comfortable in their own skin and always build others up with words of encouragement. These are the people who I call ‘beautiful’ and hopefully some of their beauty will rub off onto me!